What does the finger you wear your ring on symbolise?

Right Ring Hand and Left Ring Hand

  • Both hands are acceptable for wearing ring on.
  • Engagement and wedding rings are more widely acceptable on left hand.
  • Culture and religion can play a role and vary between one another.
  • Right hand is seen as the physical hand.
  • Right hand has greater visibility.

The Pinky Ring Finger

  • Showcases character and makes a statement.
  • Rings contain great detail and are flashy.
  • Rings can be bulky or thin.
  • No religious or cultural association.

The Fourth Ring Finger

  • Symbolises marriage.
  • Right fourth finger symbolises engagement.
  • Simple designs in gold, white gold and silver.
  • Subtle diamonds and patterns more common in younger generations.

The Middle Finger

  • Symbolises male characteristics.
  • Ring design lean towards small and simple.
  • Rarely seen in most cultures.

The index finger

  • Prominent and noticeable.
  • Used for class rings, fraternal rings, family or membership crests.
  • Any design that is meant to be used frequently and emphatically in gestures.

The Thumb

  • Sign of wealth and power.
  • Symbolises interaction or friendship.
  • Ideal for wearing multiple rings on the same hand.
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