In which finger should masonic rings be worn?

Prince Charles Pinky Ring

There is no certain finger nor hand specified in which you may or may not wear masonic jewelry. But there is one exception that commits the rule – if you belong to the Ancient and Accepted Rite and have reached the status of a Grand Inspector General 33 you’ll get specific instructions about how to wear your degrees ring correctly. If that is not where you are at, then you can wear yours on any finger of either hands. Occasionally they are worn as a pinky rings.

If you are married and wearing a wedding ring it’s nicer to put the masonic ring into the other hand. Two different style rings will see irregular. And what is more – if your marriage ring is gold, we advise you to buy the masonic ring also gold colored, not silver one so they won’t conflict in your outfit.

You are allowed to wear a ring from day one as an Entered Apprentice Mason, then it’s called craft degree ring.

You should get a special ring for each degree which slightly differ from each other with the square relation to the compasses. However, as the position of the Compasses in relation to the Square is the same for a Master Mason as it is for the universal Square and Compass Emblem – if you get a Master Mason ring from the start, you are good to go.

There is a tradition in some places that relates to which direction the square and compasses should point. It’s not applicable everywhere.

What is more you can wear your masonic ring facing to you to remind you of your obligation, or may rotate it to face outward, facing the world as a token of pride in your membership.

Now as you are an expert in how to wear Masonic ring – go and get one for you! The only caveat you should bear in mind is that it would be highly inadvisable to wear any ring to which you were not entitled by virtue of your progression through the ranks. It might raise unforeseen consequences which could cause embarrassment.

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