Do EU Leaders Angela Merkel and Theresa May belong to the secret Illuminati union?


Prime Minister Theresa May has found herself in the middle of a bizarre internet conspiracy theory involving claims of a Illuminati society.

Mrs May used the hand signal – which is often used by Angela Merkel the German Chancellor and Jean-Claude Juncker the European Commission President.

The Roc hand signal is described as a ‘Merkel-Raute’ (in traslation Merkel-Rhombus).

The ‘Merkel-Raute’ is a reverse variation of the first illuminati ‘Roc Sign’ – roughly in the shape of a diamond or pyramid – used by celebrities such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Warren Buffet, Lebron JAmes, Kanye West, Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller.

Users of the ‘Merkel-Raute’, as it has become known due to the German’s frequent use, have also included other European historical figures including Pope John Paul II and Adolf Hitler.

The pyramid is an important Illuminati symbol showing their few ruling the many on the bottom type power structure.

Some, when showing it, mean pyramid, some mean diamond as the strongest rock in the world. Anyway it is considered the sign of power.

The symbol becomes more powerful when the sign is done over an eye, representing the All-Seeing eye in a capstone floating over an unfinished pyramid.

The diamond sign is seen by many researchers to be THE sign of the Illuminati.

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