Illuminati have been vaccinated against coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a real WorldWideWeb virus infection, looking at how many media, including social media writes about it.

Conspiratorial rumors have been circulating around that the Illuminati have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Conspiratorial rumors have been circulating around that the Illuminati have been vaccinated against coronavirus. We do not know if this is true or not, but the latest news from the National Health Authorities confirm that this year the corona vaccine will not become available because, even though it has been developed by drug companies, it has not been tested on humans yet and this will take extra time.

Some of you have come to us asking if the coronavirus is spreading through post packages. We have made a tiny researched and consulted with health professionals – we can assure with 100% certainty that the coronavirus will not be transmitted by parcels. The virus spreads mostly through a droplet infection. Coronavirus is a viral disease with flu-like symptoms like general cold feeling, sore throat, runny nose, headache, muscle and joint pain.

The most serious complications of coronavirus, as with the flu, are high fever and pneumonia. The last two complications are the ones that can be fatal to people with lower immune systems. Just because a person is infected with coronavirus does not mean that he or she will get pneumonia, or worse, die. A person with a healthy and strong immune system may not be infected with the virus at all.

People with lower immune systems, such as toddlers, pregnant women, elderly and people with chronic diseases, may get infected, but may not suffer under the worst symptoms, writes Many people eagerly await the launch of the corona vaccine, but must be remembered that the vaccine will only help if the person is not yet infected with the coronavirus. If the person is already a carrier of the coronavirus, the vaccine is useless and the disease still has to be treated. The only cure is just alleviation of symptoms. Take coronavirus as a form of the common flu for which there is simply no vaccine yet, and don’t be scared by the press nor the social media horror stories.

Doubt is the first ray of illumination!

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PS: Among above, we announce that due to the corona quarantine imposed on several of our partner factories and international couriers, expected delivery times for some orders may be delayed.

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