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Masonic rings

Our selection of Masonic Rings

All our Masonic Rings are of high quality and double checked before shipping to our customers.Order our Masonic Rings with confidence as we have a FREE shipping to almost everywhere in the world and 45 days money back guarantee for all orders.

How to choose the right masonic ring?

You are a freemason and you are happy to belong to such age-old unique association. As a result, you probably need a masonic ring (freemason ring) to show your pride and support in Freemasonry.As You already have seen, we have the best selection of different masonic rings at affordable prices. We have stainless steel, wolfram (tungsten carbide), ion plated gold/silver and real silver rings for freemasons. We also have some unique 14K and 18K real gold plated masonic rings.

So, You might have a question: how to choose the right masonic ring?

Freemasons, and people in general who live according to the principles of Freemasonry, order various rings for different occasions.
First of all, there are freemasons who have only one, made of gold or silver, a rare and unique design masonic ring that they wear daily for years. This kind of ring is frequently bought for some anniversary, for example, one has hit and is celebrating the 20 years of Masonic membership.
Secondly, there are newbie freemasons who have just stepped into the Illuminati secret world. They don’t want to spend a large amount of money at the beginning and want something more everyday and classic like stainless steel masonic rings with affordable prices.
Thirdly, there come freemasons who want to wear in every party a new outstanding masonic ring. A distinguished ring is always a conversation starter and helps to get over a fear of starting a talk.
Last but not least, there are men (and also women), who don’t belong to any lodge, but just want to look cool and interesting among their friends.

In conclusion, choosing a ring is individual and there is no uniform recommendation. Choose the masonic ring you like the most!

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