The skull and crossbones in Freemasonry

What is the significance of the skull in Freemasonry symbolism?

In the world of Freemasonry, there are several symbols and icons that represent varied teachings within the Fraternity. One is frequently used by several abundant to the chagrin of infinite persons and sovereign Masonic bodies.

What is the significance of the skull in Freemasonry symbolism?

We are, of course, concerning the skull and crossbones that continues to appear in Masonic culture.

The image of the skull and crossbones is usually related to death and piracy. Likewise, the symbol of skull and crossbones usually is a warning of dangerous or harmful substances. Whereas the thought of death does play a role in its usage, the Masonic symbol with the skull isn’t associated with any piracy or poison.

The skull & crossbones is a rough symbol. It stops you in your doings and makes you see it. It dares you to understand it. It does what it is meant to do: it reminds you of your own mortality.

The skull and crossbones symbols appear usually at Masonic lodges in Chambers of Reflection. These Chambers of Reflection are commonly used by many lodges around the world, and their main function is as a tool in preparing the new masonic candidate. Chambers of Reflection and preparation rooms are very similar by the meaning. The only difference is that a Chamber of Reflection has a system of quality control and it is a part of the ritual.

The skull and crossbones symbols are staring to move out of Chambers of Reflection, as we can see more and more masonic symbols and accessories with the skull and crossbones. Masonic rings with the skull are quite common nowadays.

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