How to wear your masonic ring correctly?

You are not sure how to wear your masonic ring? Here’s how you should.

Masonic rings

You are a freemason and you are happy to be in such age-old unique association. As a result, you probably have a masonic ring to show your pride and support in freemasonry.

But, have you heard different options on how you should wear your masonic ring? It all depends on what you believe and how your fellow masons wear their masonic rings in the lodge.

As a member of this age-old craft, you should be educated on how to wear your masonic rings and what different ways of wearing your masonic ring represent.

Here is a guide on the different ways of wearing your masonic ring.

Masonic ring pointing in

Masonic ring pointing in is considered wearing your masonic ring down towards yourself. This is probably the most known way masons will wear their rings.

Masons choose to wear their rings pointing in because it reminds them of their obligations as Freemasons.

When the masonic compass is pointing towards your heart, it helps to remind yourself of the life-long fraternity  and brotherhood that you are a part of.

Some people believe you should wear your masonic ring this way until you have served and earned your time.

Wearing your masonic ring pointing in also means you are always wanting to get light from the compass until you are a Past Master of your lodge.

Masonic ring pointing out

Pointing out is considered wearing your masonic ring up or out towards others. This way other people are able to tell what the symbol on your masonic ring represents.

This way seems to be a newer way of wearing a mason ring, but it seems to be just as popular.

Many masons will wear their ring this way to show others that they are a mason and proud. This would make you an ambassador for Freemasonry.

For many, it represents to others how masons choose to live their life which is upright and on-level like the compass displayed. If asked what it means, it also becomes much easier to explain the symbol and its’ meaning.

The choice is in your hands

As you can see these two different ways of wearing masonic ring have been debated about forever. There really is no right or wrong way to wear your masonic ring.

In the end, all that matters is that you are reminded of your obligations and act upon them in all situations.

To be clear, there is no definitive answer for how you should wear your ring.

However you choose to wear your ring, you should always remember to stay in harmony with your own choice by acting like a mason would.

If you are still unsure and new to having a masonic ring, try wearing it pointing in towards yourself until you feel you have earned your time as a Past Master.

Once you reach this point, you can then wear your ring pointing out to showcase to others what it means to be a freemason.

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