Freemasonry in the United States

Freemasonry in the US

Approximately two-thirds of the world’s Freemasons and half of the Grand Lodges are based in the United States. Freemasonry arrived in America with the first colonizers. The first freemason on the American continent was, according to some data, John Skene, who came to Burlington from New Jersey in 1682. Some sources say that it was Jonathal Belder from Massachusetts.

The first masonic lodge in the US

The first lodge in the United States was founded in 1733. There is a document from the past 1730, in which the Grand Orient recognized Daniel Coxe as the Grand Master of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania provincial. In 1730, the Grand Lodge of England declared his domination over the American colonies.

The whole American continent Great Lodges were put under the Grand Master of Grand Lodges, founded in 1733. Boston and Philadelphia are the centers where freemasonry spread across America.

Freemasonry major impact on the formation of American civilization

Freemasonry had a major impact on the formation of American civilization and democratic state institutions. Freemasons George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, John Hancock and the Marquis de Lafayette were heroes of the American Revolution. One-third of the 55 delegates who signed the 1787 years US Constitution were freemasons.

After the Constitution was adopted, Freemasonry spread to all states. An attempt was made to create a single, large over America lodge, but it failed. So far, every state has its own big lodge.

Freemasonry in Afro-America

In 1784, an Afro-American freemason lodge was founded in Boston, which official name was The African Lodge No. 459. It developed its own system known as the Prince Hall Freemasonry. The African lodge declared itself to be an independent African lodge No. 1, which was not recognized by the majority of US lodges.

Anti-freemasonry campaigns to devastate Freemasonry

Because of the great popularity of Freemasonry, the attackers came into the picture . The notorious case of William Morgan became famous: Morgan threatened to reveal the secrets of the freemasonry. He was kidnapped and after that no one has ever seen him. It was thought that he was drowned in Niagara fall. His murderers were accused of murder, although no evidence of this was found. The suspected offenders were sent to prison. This case was the basis for an anti-freemasonry campaign that spread rapidly to New York and many other states. After that, the number of freemasons fell dramatically in the northeastern states.

Freemasonry nowadays

In the US, freemasonry is the most diverse of its forms. There is a common Scottish and York tradition, with nearly 40 different orders that consider themselves freemasonry. In addition, there are 15 different organizations for women, girls and boys such as the „De Molay” for boys and „Job’s Daughters“ for girls.

The ancient and approved Scottish rite came to America in 1761, but the first Supreme Council was created in 1801. In Charleston, a system of additional steps for Scottish rite, a higher council that includes 33 levels, was opened in 1801.

Freemasonry in the United States has put a strong seal on the political life, culture and traditions of the United States. For example, a third of US presidents have been freemasonry.

One way to show up that you belong to the freemason society is to wear a masonic ring. This shows that you stand for good and have good intentions.

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